Workshopy s Egorem Churakovem v Allure

Skoro před rokem jsme organizovali workshopy s Egorem, které se bohužel kvůli jeho zdravotním problémům neuskutečnily. Studio Allure se rozhodlo opět Egora pozvat do ČR a o víkendu se konná rovnou několik workshopů za nádhernou cenu v poměru k času. Pokud nemáte na víkend ještě plány, můžete si vybrat z 2 hours of ACROBATICS, 2 hours of POLE DANCE, 2 hours of POLE ACROBATICS nebo 2 hours of STRETCHING.


Více info:


Egor is a professional dancer and artist, working in the gymnastic circus theater Krakatuk (circus of the imagination) and a pole dance instructor (chinese pole). His specialty is in addition to chinese pole is stilts, silks, aerial straps and trampoline.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn a completely new, exclusive features and combos! Egor takes you into the world of circus tricks and will open their secrets!, Champion of Russia in “POLE SPORT RUSSIA” (final) championship in Moscow (Russia), “Golden Pole”championship in Krasnodar (Russia)
Grand Prix, “Satan dance fest”dance festin Chernigov (Ukraine)
4. place (out of 10), EUROPEANPOLE SPORT CHAMPIONSHIP championship in Prague, Czech Republic., " Miss and Mister Pole Dance" championship in St.Petesburg (Russia)

25.01.14 (15.00-17.00) - 2 hours of ACROBATICS- pole and floor acrobatics. Coup, elbow coup, roll, original rack on the elbows, hands and different parts of the body (a mix of breakdance and martial arts). - 750 Kc,-

25.01.14 (17.00-19.00) - 2 hours of POLE DANCE-unusual and original overflights, rare and author's static tricks. - 950 Kc,-

26.01.14 (14.00-16.00) - 2 hours of POLE ACROBATICS - wheel pole tricks, Chinese pole, original transitions, switches, acrobatic flips.- 1000 Kc,-

26.01.14 (16.00-18.00) - 2 hours of STRETCHING- mix of martial arts, circus and yoga - 950 Kc,-

Please, send applications to
The money for the workshops you may send to 2900313095/2010 (Fio banka) till the 22.01.2104.

Money for workshops are non-refundable. If you will not be able to attend workshop, please find a replacement for yourself.

All the workshops will be on adress Krasova 17, Studio Allure.